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The Future of Tech Sales: How to Prepare for the Next Wave of Change

In the past, Tech Sales representatives could get away with using traditional sales tactics. They could cold-call leads, send out generic email pitches, and rely on their charisma to close deals. But those days are over. In today’s tech-savvy world, …

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Prepping for that Tech Interview

Dear Candidate, When you go for your next interview and you are asked “ Tell us about your biggest failure at Work”, here are things you should be mindful of; 1. Never get defensive or claim never to have failed …

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Don’t talk too much or too long

I get it, this is the moment you have been waiting for, a foot in the door and you are experiencing an emotional rush of excitement or anxiety. You are nervous and more than anything, you want to make the …

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Talk about the process

If you are interviewing for a tech role, then you need to read this. When you eventually make it through your first level chat with HR and you are moved onto a one-on-one interview which is more of a deep …

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My Journey Into Tech

Today I reflect in hindsight over my journey into Tech, which started with the Digital Explorers program in 2018/2019. 🏈 In the third quarter of that year, Emmanuel Mimshach Obioha had invited me to join him for a video call …

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