Prepping for that Tech Interview

Dear Candidate,

When you go for your next interview and you are asked “ Tell us about your biggest failure at Work”, here are things you should be mindful of;

1. Never get defensive or claim never to have failed in anyway. Your interviewer wants to know you don’t mind being vulnerable to others.

2. Never blame others for the failure. Doing this means you find it hard to accept responsibility for your mistakes.

3. Always talk about your learnings from the circumstance and what you could have done better. It shows that you are one to reflect on negative circumstances to make changes to avoid a repeat.

5. Share a sincere account of the event. The emotions that you exude while doing this, helps your interviewer connect with you better.

6. Lastly, admitting the role you played in the negative incidence gives off the impression that you will be less judgmental to your peers if and when they make mistakes of their own.


Overall, applying all of the above shows that you are human and that counts alot for you in the process.