Jane Odonwodo

Jane Odonwodo

I have always been fascinated by my role as a Matchmaker for employers and talents anywhere in the world. In this role, I go beyond just sourcing potential candidates and matching their skill sets against a checklist to discerning unsaid expectations from both parties and providing insights based on these. I aim to improve ongoing and future matching experiences on both ends. I approach every stage in the candidate journey with curiosity and openness to understand and moderate the degree to which cultural nuances may impair an otherwise great match between employers and candidates. The treat for me is knowing that my contributions to sealing these mutual relationships are essential to the progress of both parties in the short and long run. On the one hand, it is about finding the right plug for a business need that morphs into a global solution. And on the other hand, it’s about helping candidates actively reach out to the future they desire and impacting their whole world positively. Adding to this, I am committed to helping companies and matched talents forge enduring positive relationships built on trust and a merge of cultures long after the contracts are signed. In my current role as People Manager for TeleSoftas Nigeria, I motivate my team to do their best work by ensuring clear communication lines on performance expectations and creating a warm and friendly environment that makes them feel safe. For 8 years and counting, I have had the privilege of doing these for corporates, Startups and full-blown Tech Companies in Nigeria and the EU. My journey up this road has been “event-full”, and I earnestly look forward to many more insightful experiences and connections as I journey on. I have committed to sharing my learnings at every stop with my professional network, and I hope they help to create countless, positively enduring employer/employee connections globally.

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