Globalizing Talent in Africa through skills, culture & experience

At Get Global, we are passionate about empowering African Talent to excel globally. We believe that with the right skills, culture, and experience, African Talent can compete with the best in the world.

Empowering African Talent with Skills, Culture, & Experience for Global Excellence

Talent is Africa’s new export, and we are on a mission to bridge the skill and culture gaps that typically prevent African software engineers from excelling in the global tech landscape. At Get Global, we believe that Africa’s talent deserves recognition and the opportunity to shine globally in the tech space. That’s why we’ve created a career accelerator program that bridges the gap between localĀ  talent and international tech opportunities.

Our programs are designed to empower talents in Africa with enhanced technical skills, cultural exposure, access to a community, and robust international opportunities in tech.

The Get Global philosophy is centred around a learning-by-doing approach, providing participants with relevant work experience, work culture fit, and technical know-how. We are not just a career accelerator program. We are creating a value-based community that fosters connections between skilled talents and mentors with extensive experience working on global projects and serves as a bridge between the local and international tech ecosystem

Whether you call us a community or an accelerator, our job is simple. We are refining the culture, skills, and experiences of African talent to meet the needs of global opportunities. Join our community today to start your journey towards giving your career a much-needed leap.

Meet our mentors

Kennedy Ibeh

Kennedy is a Java Software Engineer with a burning desire for all things knowledge and learning.

Karolis Pocius

Karolis is a Software Engineer and Frontend Technical Team Lead who lives and breathes all things frontend.

Richard Otaru

Richard is a Senior Software Engineer with a passion for offering solutions to complex system issues.

Rokas Jsonas

Rokas is a Tech Consultant and Seasoned Android Developer with multi-stakeholder experience.